Who We Are

Lina Cramer. Lina creates environments and processes that engage all stakeholders in meaningful conversations to heal and strengthen community. As a facilitator, convener, and advocate, Lina helps groups foster understanding, build relationships, address challenges, and explore partnerships and collaborations. Read more.

Dick Durning. Dick partners with individuals, teams, and organizations looking to increase their own capacity and ease in securing financial support within a space of integrity, engagement, joy, and invitation. Having helped raise over $50 million for nonprofit organizations, Dick offers practical fundraising skills and “Generous Space” methodologies through coaching, workshops, and hands-on applications. Read more.

Janice Stieber Rous. Janice provides a physical and energetic understanding of people and groups. A former dancer, she is the founder of Body Dialogue, a mind-body practice that employs the Alexander technique, yoga, and breathing coordination. This practice is the ground from which Janice joins Wisdom Exchange as a facilitator, creating new conversations and strategies for transitioning social structures. Read more.