Lina Cramer

Lina CramerConversation Host and Social Architect

Lina creates environments and processes that engage all stakeholders in meaningful conversations to heal and strengthen community. As a facilitator, convener, and advocate, Lina helps groups foster understanding, build relationships, address challenges, and explore partnerships and collaborations. As a conversation host, Lina draws forth a diversity of voices, experiences, and ideas, leading to true co-creation and ownership of results. Lina’s work primarily focuses on family engagement and leadership, community resilience, and organizational development. Wherever she works, Lina helps lead groups to wise collective action.

Lina has been instrumental in introducing participatory leadership approaches to practitioners and policymakers as a key strategy for sustaining communities where children, youth, and families thrive. Her current focus is growing a vibrant Community of Practitioners (CoP) across Illinois. As a Senior Consultant with Strengthening Families Illinois, Lina spearheaded the development of Parent Cafes (based on the World Cafe) as a way for parents to host meaningful conversations about keeping their families strong. In addition to her work with Wisdom Exchange, Lina is a steward of the Art of Hosting and a founding member of the World Cafe Institute Multi-generational Conversations Initiative.