Generous Spaces

Each of us has the inherent qualities of engagement, relationship, and invitation. Operating on this belief, I work with individuals and organizations who are committed to tapping into these capacities and generating possibilities, discoveries, and results.

As a fundraising and leadership coach, I work with individuals and groups to develop practical skills and “Generous Space” methods so that they are prepared to take their work to the next level. Partnering with each client, I design a program that builds upon skills and discovers barriers through coaching, teaching, and hands-on applications.

Generous Space is a simple practice that helps create an ease of engagement and invitation. Operating with the generosities of invitation, sharing, exploration (powerful questions), and affirmation (ISEA), conversations take on a natural and generative flow. Throughout, we are ever-mindful of staying centered, a place of balance and heart. Generous Space is a space entered with openness, trust, and curiosity. Anxieties, assumptions, and negativities are left at the door. Read more at the Generous Space blog.

Contact: Please contact Dick by calling 312.375.1875 or emailing for more information and rates. I look forward to working with you. Learn more about Dick Durning.


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