Embodying Wisdom

What does embodying wisdom mean for us as individuals?

Alignment is a physical experience. What does alignment actually feel like? To understand what alignment is, one needs to understand what it is to be out of alignment. None of us are symmetrical, but all of us have a central column of support that contains our central nervous system. Practicing, seeing, knowing, feeling this central column of support creates a point of reference to always come back to. The practice of body dialogue gives you the tool to know when you are out of balance, where the tension patterns are, what is preventing your breathing from its coordinated flow, and where neuromuscular rigidity is creating obstacles for this integration, preventing us from having an integrated experience. The experience of body dialogue is a hands-on experience so that the individual can receive the knowledge of this internal flow. Repetition and awareness is how we learn when we are in and when we are out of alignment.

How do we embody wisdom in groups?

The same principles occur when working with a group. If you yourself know what it feels like to be able to breathe freely and are a tuning fork for this inner state of presence, you can begin to entrain the group to your rhythm and resonance. This quality of presence is contagious. If the group is willing, you can begin the session helping to establish where the central column of support is, how to open the breath, and how to free the static of the mind. It can be achieved through meditation, through gentle movement, and through visualization. The group then as a whole begins to resonate on this vibrational plane. It is that experience that allows the group to enter into the heart field and receive what is being offered not through the eyes and the ears, but through the presence of their whole being.

Contact: To talk with Janice Stieber Rous about scheduling an individual or group session, please email her at bodydialogue@gmail.com. Learn more about Janice Rous.


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