What We Do

We partner with individuals, organizations, and communities to focus on what matters, shed what no longer serves, and create new possibilities.

We live in unprecedented times of rapid change and we experience a barrage of information on a daily basis, often conflicting or lacking coherence. In response, we work with youth, families, educators, human service providers, community leaders, organizations, and businesses to:

  • Get clear on purpose and our core questions. Why are we entering into this work together?
  • Create a shared vision of where we’d like to go.
  • Assess the current reality.
  • Identify our core values, strengths, what no longer serves, what is needed now.
  • Explore new possibilities together
  • Co-create an action plan or next steps
  • Strengthen individual and organizational capacity to take action

As conversation hosts, we use methodologies such as Circle Dialogue, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, Pro Action Café, Presencing, Generous Space, and Body Dialogue.

Learn about our values to get a feel for the basic assumptions underlying our work. To contact us, please call 847.530.6779 or email Lina Cramer at linawisdomexchange@gmail.com.