Janice Rous

Janice Stieber RousConversation Host and Bodyworker

Janice provides a physical and energetic understanding of people and groups. She often sees what is invisible and is fearless and skillful in naming it. In doing so, she creates a sense of safety and openness in emotionally charged conversations.

With roots in dance and choreography, Janice has been working with the body since an early age. She understands how to shift into new territory while maintaining her breath, ground, and center. She brings these skills to Wisdom Exchange to help others understand that simply by listening to their bodies, they can tap into their own deep wisdom. When we are connected to ourselves, she reminds us, we begin attracting people who want to partner with us in creating conversations that bring us to the next step in our learning.

Janice is the founder of Body Dialogue, a mind-body practice that employs the Alexander technique, yoga, and breathing coordination. She is a facilitator of Body Soul Rhythms, a Jungian based modality that integrates depth psychology with expressive art forms, movement, voice, visual art and mask work. And she is a facilitator of Awakening the Dreamer symposium for the Pachamama Alliance. This background and practice is the ground from which Janice joins Wisdom Exchange as a facilitator, creating new conversations and strategies for transitioning social structures. Janice is a passionate learner and sensitive observer which fosters a unique quality of listening. Presently, she works privately with practitioners who are attracted to Body Dialogue as a learning tool for person growth and community building.