logo tryPlease join us for the second of three Wisdom Exchange hosted conversations on how to support the film Money & Life as we all prepare for its release in March!

On our first call in January, a group of us gathered to discuss why the film meant something to each of us and began to self-organize around how to support the film moving forward. On this second call, February 18th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST, we will continue this conversation and also hear from filmmaker Katie Teague about how we can bring screenings of the film to our communities and support screenings nationwide.

katie teagueFilmmaker Katie Teague will join us for the call, Janice Rous and Lex Schroeder will host the conversation, and we will be inviting your ideas and participation! In the meantime, whether or not you’ve had a chance to see the film, here are a few clips of the film we encourage you to watch and share widely! Follow all film updates over on the Money & Life blog.


With enthusiasm,
Janice Stieber Rous
Lex Schroeder
Lina Cramer
Dick Durning