Lina Cramer is a creative visionary… years ahead of her time, always seeing possibilities and connections, and striving to mobilize for the greater good. She excels at unifying people and developing learning processes. Lina and I worked together developing the transformative leadership journey ‘Awaken to Your Potential as a Person, as a Parent, as a Leader’ and also, when she was E.D. of Illinois Family Partnership Network, she spearheaded the process that resulted in ‘Love Is Not Enough’ parent cafes from Strengthening Families Illinois, which has become a national model in the Strengthening Families world.”

-Kathy Goetz Wolf, Strengthening Families Illinois

Dick Durning and Generous Space have helped me find the energy and enthusiasm I need to engage in friendship and in fundraising. I no longer feel the sense of dread and anxiety when inviting others to learn about our work and invest in our efforts. With his coaching, I have been able to build relationships that invite an interest and commitment to engage with Voices for Illinois Children. The response has been positive and we continue to grow our donor base and bottom line.”

-Kathy Ryg, President, Voices for Illinois Children

“Quite simply, Janice Rous saved my life. When I began seeing Janice I had an incredibly stressful job as a publishing executive. I had a young son, a difficult marriage, and my only brother was very sick with cancer. A colleague recommended that I call Janice when I mentioned that ‘I couldn’t breathe.’ She said that Janice’s Body Dialogue work addressed proper breathing and body alignment amongst other things. In addition to my breathing woes, I also suffered from headaches, lower back pain, and a host of other stress-related symptoms… Of course I could breathe, but I wasn’t breathing deeply. I knew something was blocked. Janice knew exactly what I meant and what the problem was. We began doing a series of breathing and vocal exercises intended to train my diaphragm to relax and function differently.

My results were nothing short of miraculous… As I continued my weekly sessions with Janice, I began to feel calmer and my other stress symptoms such as headaches and backaches subsided. Today I utilize so many of the breathing exercises, stretches, and poses Janice taught me to do on my own. It’s amazing how she helped me to tune into my body and essentially train it to function more efficiently.”

-Dana Miller

“Ideas that Move (with Lex Schroeder and Erica Dhawan) exceeded expectations. Lex and Erica are terrific facilitators, and the results for each writer were extraordinary. This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended bar none. In two days, I accomplished more than I ever expected. I jumpstarted a project I had been wanting to get to for some time and came home with an action plan for moving my work forward. The group was passionate, creative, and super fun. I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent a weekend, or spent my time recharging my writing batteries.”

-Martha Thayer, Personal Trainer and Journalist


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